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Retirement Wave Video Clips

I am preparing a series of very brief videos for members, especially those who are new to Panama, but I will also make a few of them available to website visitors who are not members. Each deals with a basic topic and none are meant to be profound or detailed. They are very informal, as if we were talking to each other in person. I will add videos as I become more comfortable preparing them. It is a "learning curve" for me and I am approaching it carefully, but I know that some folks prefer to hear, rather than read, once in awhile. So please bear with me as I work with this new approach.

A note on videos: Sometimes YouTube videos can be "choppy" (starting and stopping erratically). This can be the result of a slow Internet connection, congestion at YouTube, congestion on the Internet in general, or a variety of other factors. If this is the case for you, just start a video, then "stop" it as it begins. It will continue to download. You can watch its progress below the video as the "red bar" moves to the right. Once it is mostly downloaded, restart it and you will not have that problem.