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Small Talk

I've visited plenty of sites that focus on retirement planning, some on retiring overseas. Too many offer very little more than a sales pitch. Worse yet, some of these "pitches" go on for page after page, repeating themselves and offering little of interest to anyone other than the site owner. I want to avoid that. What follows are a few "mini-essays" (for lack of a better term) on topics from retirement in general to Panama, the nation where I will live in retirement. Each is presented in a few paragraphs so they are quick to read, but I try to offer something of real interest and substance in each one that can help your retirement planning as you search for the best place to retire for the least money.

The Short Story

In a few brief paragraphs, here is a simple, practical way to make your retirement funds stretch twice as far.

Paradise is for Dead People

The search for a "retirement paradise" is useless, but that doesn't stop the hucksters.

Retirement as a Career

Retirement does mean the end of your career, but the beginning of a new one, and here's why it's dangerous to think otherwise when doing your planning.

A Different Way of Looking at Panama

This "Report on Panama as We Near Mid-2009" was originally prepared for the Members section of the site where it still remains. However, due to many requests, I am republishing it here for the general public. This is a detailed commentary on the status of Panama in the midst of the global financial crisis.

Panama and Switzerland

Why two such different nations have more in common than you might imagine.