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Call it the "Baby Boom" or a "demographic explosion", every day a wave of tens of millions of Americans and Europeans move one day closer to retirement. Retirement should be a stress-free period in our lives, but it has become stress-ridden. We worry that we won't have enough money to take care of ourselves. We worry that we will be a burden on others in our society if there is not enough money to support our government's social programs for retirees. We worry that if the social programs fail, we will be a burden to our children. We worry about being old in a world of terrorism, unable to protect ourselves. These are all fears that weigh heavily on us as we plan for retirement. Worse yet, they are fears we know we will continue to face once we are actually retired. This is much too negative for what should be a positive period in our lives. It could be positive if only there was a practical way to protect ourselves, avoid being a burden to others, and perhaps even make a small contribution to reducing global tensions. There is.

Retirement Wave is a retirement planning service that is dedicated to those who want their retirement planning to be a positive benefit to everyone and negative to no one. It is a "personal" website and it is meant to be different from other retirement planning websites. Read more about its author and what he's trying to accomplish. Take a moment to read why we will all be surfing the wave. In addition, you can find some informative commentary on retirement options, emphasizing Panama, at Small Talk. Three useful services are described in the Services section. Last, but not least, people who sign up for our brief Update service will also benefit from useful information regarding expatriate life in Panama.

Finally, I have a number of videos available to the general public at my YouTube Channel that you are welcome to see. More will be added in the future.