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Hello and welcome to the Retirement Wave website. This site focuses on relocating to the Republic of Panama. Launched more than a decade ago, it was designed for retirees, but more than half of its membership is now made up of people too young to retire or who are old enough to retire, but are actively searching for ways to earn income or invest. Of course, retirees continue to be a major source of members as well. In addition, Retirement Wave draws its 6,000 members from nations all over the world, not only from North America, but many nations in Europe and Asia, even other nations in Latin America.

A lot has changed since RW began and the site really needs up-dating. While that is going on, you are welcome to visit the public pages, such as the About page which explains why the site exists and who edits it. However, the “Members” section where the great majority of pages have been found in the past is closed while the site is recreated in a new form. That should be completed later in 2017.

But there is more. If you subscribe, you will receive notification when the new site is ready, plus any reports I send out to members. There is no advertising, no sales, and I do not share the subscription list with anyone else.

Finally, I do offer a YouTube channel more than 60 videos dealing with a wide variety of issues and answering some of the many questions I receive. They are very simple, straight-forward videos that I do when my schedule allows. Take a look and feel free to subscribe to that in order to receive notification when new videos are posted. There is no obligation involved.

Thank you for visiting! And please forgive me for the inconvenience as the website is redesigned.

Bob Adams